The Trade Sign Co. Story


In 2017 we stopped letting suppliers let us down.

When we first opened for business, customers would ask "Do you do..." and before they had time time finish the question, we would say "Yes!".

So before we knew it, we were buying in large format print, flyers, shaped aluminium signs and anything else just to keep on top of the orders.

Too much work; that's a nice problem to have, isn't it?

Managing suppliers became a daily headache and tracking overdue orders felt like chasing our own tails. After the pain of being let down one too many times, we said "Sod it... Lets just do it ourselves".

The catalyst for a mission.

Pain can be a good motivator. We can't stand being let down and believe our customers should never have to worry about that heart sinking moment when the floor feels like it's falling out from under you.

Our mission is to give customers the confidence to deliver printed products to their clients reliably, knowing that it's all taken care of. That's where our tagline comes from; Signage, Sorted.

Money where our mouth is.

We don't just talk a good promise, we ensure every order follows this mission by offering a unique proposition: Delivered on time or your money back. When you have 'skin in the game', you stay in the game. And this is how we honour our promise.

Our values


Values evolve and develop over years of experiences and interactions with others. Values tend to make up who we are and drive our decisions and behaviours. At Trade Sign Co. we follow a fundamental set of driving values that help keep us on track to achieving the overall vision. They are at the heart of how we do business and what we stand for as an organisation.

Our values serve as a compass for hiring and attracting the right people, determine our decisions and drive us to achieve our goals. 

1. Right for the customer, right for the company.

When a decision is hard to make or lurks in a grey area, using this lens of Right for the customer, right for the company creates a level of clarity that quickly strips decisions of ego and narrow self-interests. Right for the customer, right for the company, provides a safe way to argue the right thing to do without being subjected to 'personality wars' and manipulation. The loudest idea isn't always the best idea and a quick win is secondary to achieving the company's overall vision.

2. Reliability.

Reliability is experienced by the consistent delivery of a promise. It's about producing results that make others feel comfortable without having to second guess. A reliable track record provides piece of mind to others in a world of uncertainty. And that is what we aim to deliver to our teammates and customers every day.

3. Radical Candor

The ability to give and receive feedback in a caring but direct way is a skill that takes a lifetime to develop. Most of us go through life hearing "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". Being radically candid isn't about saying nasty things out loud, it's about giving challenging and sometimes uncomfortable feedback from a place of genuine care at an appropriate time.

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